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Spring 2018 (May 16, 2018)

Getting the Most from a Beloit College Education

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May 15, 2018

In March, Beloit held its semi-annual Advising Practicum event for students. The full day of programming, offered every year since its 2011 inception, is dedicated to engaging students in reflecting on what they’ve accomplished so far and concentrating on what they’d still like to do as they chart their futures beyond Beloit. Alumni made much of the day possible—from participating in panels, workshops, and conversations during 33 of 80 scheduled sessions to attending a lively networking session that closed the day. Called “Mocktails with Professionals” the event encourages interaction between alumni and students and is designed to help students practice professional networking. Just a few of the day’s offerings included:

  • The Impact of Varsity Athletics in a Career
    How does a current or former athlete talk about experiences in sports in a way that applies to graduate school or professional work? An alumni panel offers advice.
  • So What Are You Going To Do with That?
    A panel discussion with 14 sociology alumni about what students can do with a degree in sociology.
  • Languages in Practice
    A panel of Beloit alumni discusses how studying languages impacted their career choices regardless of whether language is the focus of their job.

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