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Fall 2017 (September 2017)

5 Beloit Courses We'd Like to Take

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September 2017

Unpacking Study Abroad

Using writing exercises, analysis of text and images, and discussion, this course aims to allow returned study abroad students to learn from their experiences and convey those lessons to others, usually by creating digital films.

Translating the Liberal Arts

Asks students to examine, reflect on, and articulate the values associated with a liberal arts education. Covers everything from the big questions: “What will make my life worth living?” to “How do I write a cover letter?”

Living and Dying 
in Global Traditions

An interdisciplinary global engagement seminar that examines the phenomena of living and dying through a comparison of rituals encountered in African traditional religions with those that engage followers of two traditions with deep roots in the African continent: Islam and Christianity.

Anthropology of Whiteness

Explores the construction and operation of whitenesses, primarily in the United States, and considers how whiteness came to be understood as an unmarked category, by whom, and how it operates in conjunction with gender, sexuality, and/or class in lived experiences.

Artificial Intelligence 
in Fact and Fiction

An intro to cognitive science through artificial intelligence. Readings include classic science fiction authors like Stanislaw Lem and Isaac Asimov. Questions involve what ‘intelligence” is, how it shows itself in human beings and other animals, and what it might look like in a machine.

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