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Fall 2017 (September 2017)

Farewell and Thanks 
to Faculty and Staff

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September 2017

Three faculty and staff members retired and received the honor of emeriti status when the academic year ended in May. Bill Flanagan, Kathy Greene, and Shin Yong Robson, pictured from left to right, were recognized for their many contributions to Beloit and its people at Commencement.

[F17] Bill Flanagan at HomecomingA colleague described Bill Flanagan as “the best imaginable stand-in for far away parents—a rare combination of the older brother, father, and grandfather you could turn to in times of need.” The former longtime dean of students joined the college in 1980, becoming dean of students in 1984 and serving in that capacity until six years ago, when he was tapped to become the college president’s advisor. “We are a college that changes lives in no small measure because of Bill Flanagan,” President Bierman said. For his part, Flanagan noted that the friendships he’s made with Beloit alumni are truly the highlight of his career.

Photo by Nicholas Mischler'14.

[F17] Kathy GreeneKathy Greene was lauded as “a teacher’s teacher,” a professor whose career focused squarely on teaching and advising, especially teaching future elementary, science, and math teachers. She was a leader and advocate for developing expertise among Beloit faculty in student advising and mentoring. In addition to teaching in the biology, chemistry, and education departments, Greene founded and was longtime director of Girls and Women in Science, an award-winning outreach program for sixth-grade girls, their teachers, and parents.

Photo by Grad Images.

[F17] Shin Yong RobsonShin Yong Robson, adjunct professor of modern languages and literatures, started teaching Chinese in Beloit’s Center for Language Studies in 1987, then joined the regular faculty in 1992. She was integral to shaping the linguistic foundation for Beloit’s signature Asian studies program, solidifying the Chinese language curriculum, and helping to create the college's original East Asian languages and culture major.

Photo by Todd Anderbyrne.

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