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Spring 2017 (May 15, 2017)

Show of Gratitude

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May 9, 2017

[Sp17] Dave’49 and Anne Myers
Photo by: Megan O’Leary

At the fourth annual Showcase in April, the college’s premier event for celebrating philanthropy, Dave’49 and Anne Myers received the D.K. Pearsons Award for their extraordinary support of Beloit, specifically Beloit’s entrepreneurship program. Dave Myers is the first alumnus to receive the award, named for D.K. Pearsons who had no previous connection to Beloit but ended up being one of its most generous donors, funding the construction of Pearsons Hall and Emerson Hall.

From the podium, President Bierman recalled a letter Myers had sent the college in the early 1980s, expressing a desire to support the teaching of future entrepreneurs. This was a radical idea at the time for a liberal arts school. That first gift set in motion many more that were critical in establishing and nurturing Beloit’s successful entrepreneurship program, known as CELEB. The night of Showcase, Bierman announced that Dave and Anne Myers had made a generous gift that will now restore the downtown center’s façade and make it more accessible. The evening ended with another pleasant surprise. Dave Myers was regaled with a birthday cake and a song in recognition of his 90th birthday, which he officially celebrated just a few days later.

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