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Fall 2016 (August 16, 2016)

Beloit Welcomes the Class of 2020

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August 5, 2016

By the time you read this, Beloit’s newest students—numbering 396 first-years, 26 transfers, and 19 exchange students—will already have at least a week or two of college under their belts. In addition to being one of the largest classes to enter Beloit since the mid-1970s, the class of 2020 also stands out for being one of the most diverse. Thirty-four percent of first-year students this year identify as Asian, Hispanic or Latino, African American, or Native American, and 20 percent are international students.

The class of 2020 had 3,906 applicants, of which 2,693 were offered Admission. Of those, 396 enrolled—194 men, 202 women, 34 percent domestic students of color and 66% white students. Among all new students, 20 are international, 19 are exchange students, and 26 are transfer students. New students came to Beloit from all regions of the United States: 194 from the Midwest, 64 from the Far West, 24 from Mid-Atlantic, 19 from New England, 17 from the Southwest, 13 from the Mountain states, and 10 from the Southeast. International students’ home countries number 26, ranging from Albania to Vietnam, with the largest number coming from China—46—and the second largest group of students coming from Japan.

The 2020 Class Profile as an Infographic

*In early August, when this data is being reported, we temper our enthusiasm about the incoming class with this footnote: The total number of new students may adjust downward slightly before the 2016-17 academic year begins. Director of Enrollment Bill Mortimer says that while new students (first-years plus transfers and exchange) currently number 441, experience tells him that students sometimes change their minds in summer, which could adjust the new student profile down to around 410 students by his estimation—still a very large class for Beloit.

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