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Fall 2016 (August 16, 2016)

Bravo, Dreamers

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August 5, 2016

Special congratulations are in order for Milica Mihajlovic’16, Fabiola Ramirez Montoya’16, and Katia’16—three of the four “dreamers” we featured in a fall/winter 2014 Beloit College Magazine cover story about undocumented students. All three women graduated from Beloit in May.

[F16] Milica Mihajlovic

Photo by: Peter Wynn Thompson

Mihajlovic graduated summa cum laude with double majors in Russian and German. She’s continuing her education this fall in a Ph.D. program at Indiana University’s department of Slavic and East European languages and cultures.

[F16] Fabiola Ramirez Montoya

Photo by: Amanda Reseburg

Ramirez Montoya graduated summa cum laude with double majors in education and youth studies and political science. She has joined Teach for America, which has her teaching kids in a predominately Latino neighborhood in Milwaukee where she grew up and where many undocumented families live. She is simultaneously pursuing a master’s degree in education policy and leadership at Marquette University.

[F16] Katia Pilar Colin

Photo by: Amanda Reseburg

Katia (whose last name we omit intentionally) completed her bachelor of science degree in biology at Beloit. Her post-Beloit plans include working for one year to strengthen her finances, taking time to reflect on her dreams and her identity, then going on to pursue a graduate program in environmental management or sustainability.

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