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Fall/Winter 2014 (November 4, 2014)

Beloit Style

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November 3, 2014

Long before Apple started running ads showing MacBooks plastered with stickers that play off the Apple logo, Beloit students were pros at using their laptops, MacBooks, cell phones—even their backpacks—as their personal billboards, story boards, and canvases. From making political statements to touting their favorite bands or coffee shops, students are showing more of their personalities and sense of style by forgoing boring, empty laptop covers and banal backpacks. We followed the trend with these photos of colorful laptops, devices, and bedecked packs collected over the past year.

Colors, Sparkles, and Cats
Photo by Caroline Robinson

When asked to tell us about her laptop sticker assemblage, Emma Van Akkeren’15 of Highland Park, Ill., said: “Well, I’ve always been an avid decorator. I put stickers and color on everything I own. There’s no rhyme or reason to most of the stickers—they’re just things I’ve picked up. I obviously have a few political stickers that represent my views. I’m a big fan of bold colors, sparkles, and cats.” Emma is an international relations major who was working on a paper for her Women and Politics in Africa class when this photo was taken.



FEATURE device art Nina
Photo by Eva Fellows'17

Nina Tran’18 has layered her laptop with stickers atop stickers. The first-year student from Seattle, Wash., was busy writing a paper for her class Black Women: Sexuality and Body Size when fellow Seattle denizen Eva Fellows’17 captured this photo of her in the Morse Library.



Photo by Greg Anderson

Esperanza Garcia’16 from Chicago, Ill., only has a few accoutrements on her Mac, but they are big and bold: One is a magnet that says “somos muchos Jaliscienses,” which translates to “We are many from Jalisco, [Mexico],” where her parents are from.  A bright butterfly magnet adds: “Migration is Natural.”



FEATURE device art Boyd
Photo by Greg Anderson

We spotted Alex Boyd’15, Chapel Hill, N.C., busy at work in the Java Joint coffee shop late one afternoon. Most of his stickers reference bands, record stores, and other coffee shops. (We also liked the way he used a hand-knit sock to hold on to his hot beverage. )

FEATURE device art laptop w/kittens
Photo by Greg Anderson

We don’t know who this laptop belongs to, but it references Next Adventure, an outdoor outfitter in Portland, Ore. We include it mainly because of the methodical placement of tiny cat stickers.



German Chocolate

FEATURE device art Halley
Photo by Greg Anderson

Halley Baars’15 bought this cell phone case when she was studying abroad in Germany. On it, Ritter Sport, one of Germany’s leading chocolate makers, displays a selection of their tasty products, some in English, some in German, and all of which Halley fondly remembers eating while in Germany. The senior from Portland, Ore., was studying in the library when we stopped to take her photo.



Photo by Greg Anderson

Nothing is as classic as a backpack, especially a camouflaged one emblazoned with pins depicting vintage bands, Dr. Spock, flying cats, pickles—even a bloodshot eyeball. This pack belongs to Mark Conway’15 of Beloit, who was reading in
the Java Joint.



FEATURE device art Hansen
Photo by Greg Anderson

Taryn Hansen’17, of Berrien Springs, Mich., collects stuffed animal key chains and pins that picture Doctor Who and say things like “Thou art a boil,” “Thou smell of mountain goat,” and “The Globe Theatre.” Attached to her backpack, these collections convey with not much subtlety that she is an Anglophile. Taryn was smitten by England when she had the chance to visit the country as a high school student. She hopes to double major in creative writing and literary studies at Beloit.



FEATURE device art Nolan
Photo by Dustin Paluch'15

Among the decorations on Rraine Nolan’s backpack are pins with Cyrillic script, a shamrock, an American flag, and a couple of turtles. A favorite of the sophomore from Wonder Lake, Ill., is sewn onto her pack, front and center, and stands alone. It is a U.S. Air Force patch that belonged to her dad.



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