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Fall/Winter 2014 (November 4, 2014)

Two Wright Paintings en Route to Spain

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October 31, 2014

Guerro comp 

Over the next 18 months, two paintings from the Wright Museum of Art will be exhibited at three internationally acclaimed museums in Spain.

The Wright Museum acquired the two works by then up-and-coming Spanish painter Jose Guerrero in 1952. The artist produced Composition #1 and Composition #2 in 1951 during the height of his modern turn. Later, he reached international acclaim, painting in the modern abstract expressionist style.

In 2012, the Centro Jose Guerrero in Granada, Spain—a museum dedicated to the artist—contacted the Wright Museum about lending the paintings for an exhibition marking the centennial of Guerrero’s birth in 1914.

Later, the Centro was also awarded funding to take the exhibition to two additional locations in Madrid and Barcelona.

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