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Summer 2014 (July 10, 2014)

First Pearsons Award

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July 11, 2014

Beloit College named the first two recipients of the D.K. Pearsons Award at the inaugural Showcase, an event held in the Center for the Sciences atrium in April that honored the college’s major donors and brought a group of them face to face with the students, faculty, and initiatives they support.

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Photo by Greg Anderson

James Sanger, chair of the board of trustees, (right) and his wife, Marge Sanger—both longtime, quietly generous supporters and Beloit parents—were the first to receive the honor.

D.K. Pearsons, for whom Pearsons Hall is named, was Beloit’s most illustrious donor in its earliest days. He learned of the founders’ plans to build a college on the frontier when he traveled through Beloit by stage coach on his way to make his fortune in the West. He eventually funded the construction of Pearsons Hall—then a science building—and Emerson Hall, which provided residences for Beloit’s first women students.

The D.K. Pearsons Award recognizes donors who make transformative gifts on par with the award’s namesake. The Sanger Scholars Program, which funds students’ summer research projects in collaboration with faculty mentors, is among the opportunities the Sangers make possible at Beloit.

 “Though, like Pearsons, they did not attend this school or grow up in the shadow of its trees, they have lived and labored on its behalf,” President Bierman said when he presented the award.

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