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Spring 2014 (March 18, 2014)

Players in the Band

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March 14, 2014

They are professors by day, teaching history, classics, philosophy, and political science, or they serve on Beloit’s staff. But in their downtime, you’ll likely find this group brushing up their chops as a band called “Thunderjunk.”

Though members played with other groups prior to forming Thunderjunk, this band is new on the Beloit scene. They booked their first gig at the C-Haus late last fall. Those attending Reunion this year will have a chance to hear the band when they take the stage during the all-class Reunion celebration on June 14 in the Sports Center. 

Matt Tedesco (philosophy/bass) says the group has great chemistry and formed when three musically inclined professors recently joined Beloit’s faculty: Daniel Brückenhaus (history/keyboards), Ron Nikora (political science/vocals), and Lisl Walsh (classics/vocals and trumpet). Tedesco and drummer Josh Moore (associate director of International Education) had already been playing music together and started searching for a guitarist, which they found in Jishnu Guha’13, a recent graduate and videographer for the college.

Thunderjunk, which took its name from a comment Stephen Colbert made on the Colbert Report, plays a mix of classic rock, classic R&B, pop, and original music.

From left are Matt Tedesco, Lisl Walsh, Josh Moore, 
Ron Nikora,
Daniel Brückenhaus, and Jishnu Guha'13, faculty
and staff members of a new band called Thunderjunk.
Photo by Jishnu Guha'13.

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