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Spring 2014 (March 18, 2014)

Thinking Like a Plant: A Living Science for Life

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March 13, 2014

Bookshelf Thinking like a plantBy Craig Holdrege’77
Lindisfarne Books, 2013

What if, instead of pursuing objects and things, people decided to take a cue from plants and animals and learned how to adapt, change, and grow in relation to their natural environments?

This is the central question Craig Holdrege sets about answering in his most recent book. The former high school biology teacher and Beloit College philosophy major posits that the way plants adapt themselves to—and remain rooted in—their natural environments offers important lessons. “Imagine gaining such flexibility of thought,” he writes, “that our ideas were no longer rigid, static, and object-like, but grew, transformed, and, when necessary, died away?”

Holdrege is the founder of The Nature Institute, an adult-education institute in Ghent, N.Y., and the author of several other books.

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