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Fall/Winter 2013 (November 1, 2013)

How Beloit’s Urban Garden Grows

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November 1, 2013

Political science major and biology minor Kyle Bohrer’14 is the force behind an entirely student-run urban garden that got its start at Beloit this past summer. Located just north of campus, the garden is named the Beloit Urban Garden, or BUG for short. It grew out of Bohrer’s desire to get students interested in self-sustaining agriculture and the environmental benefits of an urban garden after he worked on urban agriculture projects in Denmark and Germany during a semester abroad.

With the help of a student intern and volunteers, Bohrer tilled, planted, watered, maintained, and harvested the land on Church Street near the Beloit Fire Department headquarters and across the street from Karris Field. The BUG holds two main plots filled with everything from cabbages to tomatoes to herbs to raspberry bushes and giant sunflowers.


Photo by Courtney Yates'14

The Beloit Urban Garden sells all of its produce at full market value to the campus food service, Bon Appetit, which incorporates the vegetables into Commons dining hall dishes.

This fall, the garden is being sown with cover crops—vegetation used to refurbish the soil. While the garden rests over the winter, Bohrer will work on developing the project’s governing structure, so that students will take up the reins when he graduates.

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