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Summer 2010 (July 21, 2010 at 12:00 am)

What's Next?

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June 19, 2013 at 12:51 pm

Emily Quinn

We trolled campus on Commencement morning to find out what graduates were planning for the future.

Anacelia Saenz Anacelia Saenz: “I’m moving back to Austin. I’m going to live with my parents, find a job, apply for a job with the National Forest Service, and hopefully apply for graduate school in the fall.” Hometown: Austin, Texas. Major: Molecular, Cellular, and Integrative Biology.

Caleb SmithCaleb Smith: “My future plans are to go to Northwestern University to get my Ph.D. [in history] and finish the promise of a world that has given so much to me.” Hometown: Schaumburg, Ill. Major: Political Science.

Edward SmithEdward Smith: “Go home, hope I find a job. I’m applying to do overhire work (standby stagehand and backstage work) in theatres in Chicago.” Hometown: Winnetka, Ill. Major: History. Minors: Anthropology, Medieval Studies. 

Emily QuinnEmily Quinn: “In the short term, I’m studying for my LEED Green Associate Certification. Graduate school is a future possibility, but I need job experience and some time to let my brain rest before going back to school. Initially, I hope to find work that utilizes my writing and environmental research skills.” Hometown: Aptos, Calif. Major: Rhetoric and Discourse. Minor: Environmental Studies.

Georgi KyorlenskiGeorgi Kyorlenski: “I’m going home for some time—which is in Bulgaria. I was hoping to go to grad school, and I got into a couple places, but I couldn’t fund it. So I’ll be trying to do some archaeology fieldwork back home, and then come back [to the United States] maybe, or do something in Europe.” Hometown: Plovdiv, Bulgaria. Majors: Anthropology, History. Minor: Museum Studies. 

Johanna BrownJohanna Brown: “I’m planning to move to Chicago, where I’m looking to work with the Chicago Youth Symphony Orchestra, doing music management, ushering, and box office work. That’s my plan for now; I just signed a year lease.” Hometown: Rochester, N.Y. Major: Music.

Maryn LewallenMaryn Lewallen: “I’ll be here for the summer, and in October I’m going to Tanzania, Africa, to be a communications intern in a public eye care clinic.” Hometown: Littleton, Colo. Majors: Comparative Literature, Russian. Minor: Women’s and Gender Studies.

Min AungMin Aung: “I’m going back to my country. I’ll stay there for a month and a half, and then come back and go to graduate school in Madison for computer science.” Hometown: Yangon, Myanmar. Major: Computer Science. Minors: Computational Visualization and Modeling, Mathematics.

Sarah BaraschSarah Barasch: “I want to go into documentary filmmaking. I already bought a domain name for a documentary that will be about young Jewish attitudes towards dating and marriage…highlighting those who aren’t really being served by general mainstream Jewish services. This summer, I’m assisting a friend who’s shot several documentaries already.” Hometown: St. Louis, Mo. Major: Literary Studies.

Sarah DunnSarah Dunn: “For the summer, I’m going to do a mixture of farming—helping one of my friends who recently bought a farm—and probably some waitressing. In the fall, I’m heading to Duke University to begin a pediatric nurse practitioner program.” Hometown: Brattleboro, Vt. Major: Health and Society. Minor: Integrative Biology.

Stephanie BusiaStephanie Busia: “I’m currently working for a professional dance company in New York City. I’m interning as a management associate and also dancing.” Hometown: Monroe, Wis. Majors: Psychology, Theatre Arts (Dance).

Tyler McGaughyTyler McGaughey: “I’m going to go home to Texas and then come back to the Midwest, work in the humanities, and try to be a writer.” Hometown: San Angelo, Texas. Major: Creative Writing.

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