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Summer 2011 (August 2011)

Campaign Reaches Goal

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July 2011

Classic Daring Life SignBeloit College successfully completed its $100 million Classic. Daring. Life-Changing. campaign, and celebrated the milestone during the board of trustees meeting in April.

Publicly launched in April of 2006, the effort channeled support to the college’s academic programs, student scholarships, and infrastructure.

Among the campaign’s distinctive successes are the addition of the newly opened, 58,000-square-foot Hendricks Center for the Arts; support leading to the construction of the platinum LEED-certified Center for the Sciences building; and the addition of endowed faculty chairs, including the Edwin F. Wilde, Jr. Distinguished Service Professorship, the Ralph C. Huffer Professorship, and the Weeks Chair in Physical and Human Geography.

More than $16 million of the total campaign dollars raised came in the form of gifts supporting capital projects (including the Science Center). An additional $21 million went toward scholarships and student programs, while other gifts were directed at academic initiatives, including the college’s Upton and Weissberg programs, physical plant renovations, the museums and the library, international programming, and faculty research and development.

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