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Fall/Winter 2010 (November 8, 2010)

Five Outstanding Grads Recieve Top Awards

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November 8, 2010

It was one of the highlights of Homecoming/Reunion Weekend in September: a large and festive assembly in Eaton Chapel, where four alumni celebrating significant reunions received Distinguished Service Citations, and one was recognized with the 2010 Young Alumni Award.

Distinguished Service Awards 2010 

Lowell Ericsson’50 was cited for his service to the sciences, to his community, and to the education of young people, including Beloit College students majoring in the sciences or mathematics.

A biochemist, Ericsson devoted 40 years to teaching at the University of Washington and is still a practicing scientist. Over the course of his career, he co-authored dozens of scientific papers, collaborated with Nobel Prize winners, became a member of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, and served on the board of directors of the United Nations Association of Seattle. His generosity to Beloit is most profound through a scholarship he funds, which seeks out students with financial need and great potential. Ericsson is especially interested in jumpstarting the academic careers of those who have been slow out of the gate. “If a Nobel Prize winner can be a late bloomer, there might be some late bloomers at Beloit, too,” he said.

Timothy Dalton’60, recognized in absentia, was cited for his generosity to many worthy organizations and his early and sustained focus, as evidenced in his 1956 application essay to Beloit. He wrote that he sought to study actuarial science and wanted “a well-rounded curriculum” in which to do it. After Beloit and after graduate study, he achieved a storied career in investment management, which ultimately led to the founding of his own company.

Throughout a demanding career, he has supported a number of causes and organizations. One of his lasting gifts to Beloit grew out of his service on the board of trustees in the 1990s, when he lent his expertise to crafting an investment policy that helped strengthen the college’s financial future.

Linda Gregorin Clifford’70 has built a reputation as one of the most respected attorneys in the state of Wisconsin. She served as the state’s assistant attorney general before moving on to private practice. Clifford was cited by the Alumni Association for her professional service, including on Beloit College’s board of trustees, her work on behalf of First Amendment rights, and pro bono work advocating for asylum seekers who face religious or political persecution.

As a Wisconsin Supreme Court candidate in 2007, Clifford was described by a judge in the Wisconsin State Journal: “She’s not someone who commands respect because she makes the most noise. She commands respect because she makes the most sense.”

Shams Rashid’85 came to Beloit from her home in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, in 1981. After completing her studies and graduate work at the University of Chicago, she wasted no time giving back to Beloit. Her service includes participating in Econ Day, serving on the board of trustees, establishing the Feder-Kreider Endowed Scholarship fund, and much more.

Her ability to give back is fueled by her soaring success in business, as co-founder of a dot-com company that was a break-away success and now in her work as founder and CEO of FORSA, a Dubai-based company that provides investment opportunities for successful women in the region.

After coming to the United States in the fifth grade, Maria Cadenas’00 became a budding leader at Beloit. After graduation, she went on, in short measure, to civil rights work—first as assistant director of the American Civil Liberties Union of Wisconsin and now as executive director for the Cream City Foundation of Milwaukee, the second oldest gay and transgender community foundation in the country. The foundation seeks to promote, educate, and financially support gay and transgender communities in southeastern Wisconsin.

The Alumni Association recognized Cadenas with the 2010 Young Alumni Award.

The Distinguished Service Citation is the highest recognition given to alumni by the Beloit College Alumni Association, while the Young Alumni Award recognizes overall achievement within 10 years of graduation.

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