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Fall/Winter 2010 (November 8, 2010)

Discovering Lake Superior and the Western Upper Peninsula of Michigan

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November 8, 2010

Discovering Lake Superior and the Western Upper Peninsula of MichiganBy Tom Warren, professor emeritus of education and youth studies

Amphitryon Publishing

Beloit, Wis. 2010

Beloiter Tom Warren’s cabin on the shores of Lake Superior has always been more to him than a run-of-the-mill lakehouse. Instead, it and the land of Michigan’s western upper peninsula have been a home away from home.

In this book, Warren’s second, he writes of the lake and land that he loves. Forty years of observation flavor Warren’s memoir, full of anecdotes of people, place, and animals; many of his own photographs populate the pages. Whether describing encounters with bears or offering meditations on hiking and the sanctity of solitude, the emeritus professor’s affection shines through.

The lake and peninsula are “utterly captivating and endlessly educational,” he says, and will continue to be so. “That is why, after decades of looking and listening, I’m still discovering them,” and why he continues to return with generations of his family in tow.

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