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Fall/Winter 2010 (November 8, 2010)

Construction Season on Campus, in City

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November 8, 2010

Eaton Circle 

In the past several months, the campus and the city of Beloit have seen more changes than just the color of the leaves.

In keeping with the Campus Master Plan, the college undertook multiple physical enhancements this summer. To conform with fire marshal regulations and enhance pedestrian access, the traffic circle between Eaton Chapel and the library was removed and returned to common space. It is now open to emergency vehicles and foot traffic only. Visitors will notice the library’s wide steps have been reconstructed, and a circular seating area similar to the one between ’64 halls on the residential side of campus has been installed between Eaton Chapel and the President’s House. Other changes to the chapel area include an update to the patio south of the building, making it more accessible to people with disabilities.

“The construction area in front of the library, chapel, and the President’s House is 98 percent complete,” said Director of Physical Plant Michael Brady, in mid-October. Remaining finishing touches include the installation of railings, lights, and some landscaping—and the replacement of the 16th hole on the campus’ Frisbee golf course, formerly in the middle of the traffic circle.

Those who are traversing campus by car will notice changes to traffic flow, albeit additions in parking spaces. On-campus traffic is now one-way heading west on Chapin, and then moving left and south on College Street. Angled parking spaces have been added on both Emerson and College Streets.

Construction has also led to some interesting finds—19th-century artifacts, now cleaned and catalogued in the Logan Museum of Anthropology. Museum Director Bill Green and Associate Professor of Anthropology Shannon Fie monitored the construction work because of its proximity to the Indian mounds.

In July, the state began work on Pleasant Street and Riverside Drive, (U.S. Highway 51) bordering the western edge of campus. Riverside Drive is expected to be closed (from the college service drive next to the Science Center to Henry Avenue) until Nov. 30, and will include a reconstruction of pavement, curbs, gutters, landscaping, and lighting. The roadway will be reconstructed with a center boulevard, new parking areas, and bike path realignments.

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