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Fall/Winter 2010 (November 8, 2010)

‘Always Have $3 in Your Pocket’

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November 8, 2010

Ranging from the practical (“BUY THERMAL UNDERWEAR”) to the profound (“Don’t just learn subject matter—learn to think, to write, and to be an adult”), alumni and friends of the college took a Facebook request to heart:

“First-years are arriving in a matter of days—any advice for the new Beloiters?”

The behest came in the form of an Aug. 10 posting on the college’s official Facebook page, managed by the Office of Communications and Marketing. The first reply came within three minutes (“Don’t take yourself too seriously”), and within a week, the list of responses had ballooned to 52 comments, sparking conversations and nostalgia throughout the thread. One current student, a first-year, left a comment thanking the respondents.

Several other posts have since garnered long strings of comments—53 for a discussion of memories of Folk’n’Blues, and 48 for a post about FYI classes and excursions—but the advice-to-first-years post was the first to really grab hold of the collective imagination of the people who “like” Beloit College on Facebook. In October, those people numbered more than 2,700.

The advice also included maxims on what not to do: “Don’t skip class,” which was one of the most repeated pieces of wisdom; “Don’t play it safe,” “Don’t gossip too much.” One alumna had a very specific suggestion on what not to do as a student: “Whatever you do, don’t hang out in the quad playing guitar and singing Harry Chapin songs.” To read all the advice to first-years, keep apprised of similar posts, and add your own insights, visit the college's Facebook page


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