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Fall/Winter 2010 (November 8, 2010)

New Class, New Arts Center

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November 8, 2010

Class of 2014For the third year in a row, new students have been able to synchronize their arrival at Beloit with a seminal milestone of the college.

In 2008, students arrived just in time to cross the threshold of the brand new Center for the Sciences. In 2009, students shared a start date with Scott Bierman, Beloit’s 11th president. The new students who arrived at Beloit this fall will always share a connection with the Hendricks Center for the Arts, which hosted its inaugural classes on Aug. 24, 2010, the day they officially began their first Beloit semester.

The new students this fall number 378. Composed of 333 first-year, 26 transfer, and 19 exchange students, their presence—together with returning students—brings Beloit’s opening enrollment to 1,307 this fall. Forty percent of new students this year graduated among the top 10 percent of their high school class, and 79 percent attended public schools. Most are members of the class of 2014.

Of particular note among new students this year is their contribution to the increasing diversity of Beloit’s student body. In 2005, 19 percent of new students were either minority citizens of the United States or citizens of foreign countries. By this fall, that percentage had grown to 34 percent.

On the recruiting front this year, the challenges of enrolling the class of 2014 were no less than they had been at the height of the economic downturn, says Nancy Benedict, vice president for enrollment.

Amid an atmosphere of declining numbers of college-aged students, and the lingering effects of a sluggish economy, the pool of students who inquired about applying to Beloit dropped by around 10 percent. Yet, the number of students who inquired, and then applied, increased by 9.7 percent over last year.

Strategic planning is well underway for recruiting the class of 2015. Efforts to encourage more prospective students to visit campus have increased, with four visit days offered this past summer. Visits were scheduled for the first time this year to coincide with Homecoming/Reunion Weekend, giving prospective students a chance to interact with alumni. Already, the ramped-up schedule has resulted in a 26 percent increase in visits by prospective students over the same time last year.

Alumni and friends of the college are always encouraged to refer qualified students to Beloit. Send them to

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