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Spring 2012 (March 20, 2012)

Beloit in Motion

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March 20, 2012

Beloit’s website has come alive with videos recently, offering viewers the chance to see everything from formal speeches to glimpses of student life on campus.

One example is a three-minute collective effort titled “Through our Eyes,” produced by as many as 50 students who donned a GoPro Hero camera as they went about their business on campus last fall. The camera attaches to the forehead with a headband, sort of like a miner’s helmet. The overall effect is to bring viewers along as students dive into the pool, work in the lab, shoot baskets, dance, rehearse, attend class, and traverse Beloit’s campus.

The entire project was completed by Beloiters past and present, under the leadership of Ben Hartzell’10, who conceived of the idea and produced the video. The music was composed and performed by Steven Jackson’12 and Nathan Whitley’11. Jack Vishneski’12 recorded and engineered the soundtrack at Maple Tree Studios in Beloit’s Center for Entrepreneurship.

To watch Beloit’s videos, click on the YouTube logo toward the upper right-hand corner of the college website (, or go directly to

Beloiter View 

Other Beloit videos on the must-see list:

  • I Love You, Beloit. Professions of love for Beloit by students on Valentines Day, including the memorable line: “Hey, nice cupola.”
  • From Signe to Malika. A multimedia slideshow by Danica Slavish’12 about studying abroad amid two distinct cultures and host mothers in Estonia and Morocco.
  • Beloit College in Spring. Made last spring, and put to lilting music, this video previews the glories of the season, coming to campus soon.

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