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Summer 2012 (July 12, 2012)

Incomplete Glossary of Beloitisms

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July 12, 2012

Every era has its own esoteric vocabulary that sheds a light on the ways things were. What follows is a sampling of Beloit terms and definitions currently in use, most of which originated with students, either past or present: 

Crack CookiesBizarro Beloit: theme party sponsored by Art House in which students dress up as another Beloit person of their choosing.

Crack cookies: super-sweet frosted sugar cookies served at D.K.s.

Buncha-K: common term for a fund that accumulates money from student fees and is available to student clubs and individuals by way of student government.

Prom: a student-hosted dress-up party held near the end of each year. One of this event’s main activities is having prom-style photos taken.

Scotty B: students’ nickname for College President Scott Bierman.

Milkshake Mondays: hosted by the substance-free student club, an event that offers free milkshakes to all as an alternative to the now defunct Malt Mondays, a party involving malt liquor.

Song-a-thon: an event that gives small groups of students 72 hours to write original songs. When the time’s up, these groups perform their creative work at C-Haus.

BUFF: acronym for the Beloit Ultimate Frisbee Family, a student club that faces off against other college and club teams in tournament play.

Bell Run: a sprint from the north side of campus to the M-I bell in the buff.

Pasta, Pasta, Pasta: a day in Commons featuring all sorts of noodles and breadsticks. Word of this menu travels across campus like wildfire.

Swipe: both a verb and a noun, referring respectively to the act of paying for things like food and drink on campus, and also the value of that transaction.

BSFFA (pronounced BISS-fa): acronym for the Beloit Science Fiction and Fantasy Association, a longstanding student club that hosts live action role-playing games and other fantastical events.

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