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Summer 2012 (July 12, 2012)

Campus Dining Changes

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July 12, 2012

After months of research, culminating in campus presentations from four vendors—including Beloit College Dining Services—the college tapped outside firm Bon Appetit to manage its dining operations, effective June 12. The decision was announced in early April.

The choice came on the heels of a March 15 recommendation from the Food Service Task Force, a group of students, faculty, and staff members that convened in the fall of 2011 at President Bierman’s behest. Task force members spent months conducting interviews to investigate the college’s food needs and desires, researching the relative merits of retaining self-operated dining services versus hiring an outside management firm, and visiting other campuses.

Bon Appetit is known for building distinctive programs centered on cooking from scratch, sustainability, and local-food sourcing, all of which factored into the decision.

Retaining existing dining services staff proved to be important to the campus community, and Bon Appetit committed to honoring that requirement.

Bon Appetit hit the ground running in June, feeding summer students out of D.K.’s in Pearsons Hall while Commons undergoes renovations in preparation for the fall semester. Beyond revamped furnishings and reorganized seating, Commons will sport a station-style dining service and expanded hours; D.K.’s will become more open and streamlined; and Java Joint will supply ice cream and smoothies along with coffee and other traditional offerings.

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