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Fall/Winter 2012 (November 16, 2012)

Two Worlds

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November 16, 2012

Two WorldsBy George Vilim with Frank S. Rogers’03

Carroll Press

Auckland, New Zealand, 2011

Completed just a few weeks before his death, Two Worlds relates the captivating life story of George Vilim, who played a unique role in the Czech Republic’s transition to capitalism. The book begins in 1947 with 22-year-old Vilim catching a train from Czechoslovakia to Switzerland to attend college—forcing him to part with his parents and his girlfriend, Marica.

Four months later, Vilim is confronted by a communist coup that leaves him a refugee. He relocated to Montreal, Canada, where he created a life for himself in the financial sector, which at the time was quickly expanding due to opportunities in post-war Europe and the underdeveloped Middle East.

Two Worlds also touches on Vilim’s experience with love and family. He married a woman named Sylvia, with whom he has four daughters. After their divorce, Vilim reunited with Marica, nearly 44 years after they were forced to separate back in 1947.

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