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Fall/Winter 2012 (November 16, 2012)

A Brand New Approach

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November 16, 2012

It isn’t blue. Or gold. Or a turtle, for that matter. One thing the new brand identity and slogan for Beloit College’s recently launched modular fundraising campaign is, however, is different. And bold. And, for an institution decidedly on the move, appropriate.

At least that was the opinion of the board of trustees, which got a first look at “Fast Forward: The Campaigns for Beloiters” at their fall meeting on Oct. 6. The campaign’s logo—which includes a custom, hand-drawn font and brilliant. orange-red, brush-painted emblem—was revealed alongside recent fundraising campaign strategies from peer institutions like Carleton College, Macalester College, and the newly announced “But for Ohio State” campaign from Ohio State University.

What the board saw was a brand that calls out the scope of the college’s ambitions, the speed of change envisioned, and one that underlines the intended beneficiaries of this philanthropy: “Beloiters.”

The modular approach to fundraising is not a new one, but it is unique to see it employed in a college development office.

“What we are doing is different than what most in higher ed are doing right now,” says Jeff Puckett, vice president for development and alumni relations, whose team is overseeing the rollout of the modular campaign projects. “These campaigns are mission-led, not dollar-goal obsessed. We’re interested in differentiating ourselves, not catching up. We all have the opportunity here to move the college forward, and fast. This speaks to that.”

A video produced by senior Jishnu Guha’13 for the board meeting, as well as detailed updates on the status of each of the six modules, is available at

Fast Forward 

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